Only 29% of all California hospitals were given an “A” safety rating in a recent study.
Using our advice and technology, one medical facility was able to cut their security incidents by 75%.
More than half of all US hospitals saw an increase in violence against ER staff in 2018.
With gun violence in the news, the vast majority of hospitals are concerned about active shooters.

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Smart Security Analytics and Hospitals

SOV Security is an official dealer for ella, a smart analytics program that can make monitoring surveillance video a snap. Some key terms:

Natural Language: You can use ella just like an internet search engine. Looking for video of a man in a white shirt? Simply type “man in white shirt” and ella will search your surveillance information and pull up all relevant results.

Digital Tripwire: Is there a section of your facility that is off-limits? Set up a doorway or entryway as a no go zone and ella will alert you if anyone crosses the line.

SOV Security Reduced a Hospital’s Security Incidents by 75% and We’re Sharing How We Did It

Brian Levy
Brian LevyVice President, SOV Security

Thanks to our innovative security plan, one large hospital in California has seen its security incidents plummet.

This was accomplished thanks to cutting edge surveillance technology and good old fashioned strategic thinking.

Problem: Reactive Approach

The security staff performed physical rounds but the personnel were stretched thin in the expansive facility. There were 30-40 security incidents per month, cars in the facility parking lot were regularly broken into. If someone was seen as a security threat and told to leave the hospital premises, it was challenging to prevent them from returning.

The staff was so busy reacting to new incidents that they were not able to be proactive in their security approach. To make matters worse, the surveillance system consisted of outdated, low resolution cameras, many of which were out of focus or did not work at all.

Solution: Proactive Planning

Security guards are stationed 24/7 in the hospital control room and they watch the surveillance cameras looking for any behaviors that signal trouble. At the first sign that something is wrong, the guards will send a security team to diffuse the situation. Since implementing this plan, the number of incidents has dropped below 10 a month.

We also introduced ella, a smart analytics program that can detect people and vehicles with simple, plain English searches. Was the driver of a red truck behaving suspiciously? The security staff can type in “red truck” and either pull up all video of such a vehicle or set up an alert that will be activated if it is spotted by a surveillance camera.

The Key: Prioritizing Resources Combined with Cutting Edge Technology

If you have too many cameras to watch, how are you supposed to keep an eye on all of them? The answer lies in the concept of prioritizing resources: focusing on trouble areas like the emergency room, waiting areas, and the parking lots.

This guard strategy and the analytics program was made possible by a thirty-camera high definition surveillance project that was purchased to replace the outdated analog camera system.

The result is a safer, less stressful facility that makes the most of its security resources and prevents incidents before they ever start.

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